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TWS Annual Exhibition 2024 Award Winners

Erratum: The 74th Annual Exhibition Catalog incorrectly switched the juror’s comments on pages 10 and 11 for the 5th place painting “I was Bluffing”, and the 6th place painting “Primaries have more fun”. The continuation of the juror’s comments on page 31 for these paintings is correct.

Texas Watercolor Society Awards for 2024
75th Annual Exhibition

Hill Country Arts Foundation | Juried by Andy Evansen

Best of Show Award

Libit Jones
“Zion Remembered”

Art Spirits of Laredo, Texas

Ken Call

Jacomini Memorial Award

John E. James
“Flying Kites at the Beach”

The Harry E. and Susanne L. Puttuck Memorial Award

Robert Kraszewski
“Pink Feather Fan”

Watercolor Artists of Fayetteville, Texas

Soon Warren
“Last Fall Yellow Leaves”

John Dennis Award in Memory of “Billy Dennis”

Walt Costilow
“Salt and Pepper”


Sue Kemp
“Wild and Free”

Leslie Ewers Memorial Award

Bonnie Woods
“Pillow Play”

Fred Roberts Insurance, Fayetteville, Texas

Cheryl Wooten
“Love and Peace”

Red and White Gallery In Memory of Gladys Dehn

Larisa Anaya
“Sunny Serenity”

Maria T. Leyendecker Memorial Award

Mary Quiros
“South Texas Spring”

Watercolor Society of Alabama

Judi Coffey
“Garden Party”

Waterloo Watercolor Group

Bev Jozwiak
“Dancing Feet”

Blick Art Materials Merchandise Award

Christina Mewhinney