At the Water Color’s Edge

President’s Message, by Betsy Moritz

On behalf of the Texas Watercolor Society, I would like to thank our members and supporters of the arts during this time of uncertainty for supporting us. Thanks to The HCAF Visual Arts Center in Ingram, Texas who have taken special care in hosting our 71st exhibition and ensuring participant safety and comfort.

The Texas Watercolor Society’s 71st Annual National Exhibition received submissions from 99 artists of which 92 were TWS members, and who were represented by a total of 228 submitted paintings. Once again a truly amazing turn-out! A big Thank You to Judi Coffey for her outstanding job in jurying this year’s Exhibition. Thank you also to ourTWS members for submitting your beautiful works of art and continuing to keep the spirit of watercolor artistry alive and well.

Congratulations to all our artists who made the final cut. For those who weren’t accepted, I strongly urge you to please try again next year. Thank you all for answering the call for entries. Truly you are all winners.

An Exhibition on this scale could not be possible without our volunteer TWS board members who have spent countless hours volunteering to ensure a successful event. Special thanks go out to the TWS Exhibit Co-Chairs Linda Bateman and Anne Vela for coordinating and putting on a beautiful exhibition. Also thanks to Mary Quiros, Awards Chair, for securing our prize money as well as Ric Dentinger for producing an amazing catalog. For a list of our additional volunteers please see the end of this catalog.

As a non-profit organization, TWS welcomes donations to support awards and other activities. Donations are generally tax deductible. All donations to further the art of watercolor are welcome, and inquiries can be addressed to Awards Chair Mary Quiros by filling out our Contact Form. To all of our dedicated Board and Committee members past and present, thank you for selflessly contributing to our 71 years of success and here’s to many more years of elevating the art of watercolor.

Betsy C. Moritz
TWS President